Trolleys of the month: Black and White

We had planned to introduce a trolley of the month every month. However, in our survey on instagram and facebook, where we asked if we should introduce the black or the white trolley, there would be a draw, so we decided to introduce both trolleys at the kick-off of this new series:
1) Our airplane trolley in classic black piano lacquer as well as 2) our airplane trolley in brilliant white.

Both airplane trolleys captivate by their classical construction method and their minimalistic style. Depending on where they are installed, they can brighten up the room or create dark accents. And whatever you want to store in it, it is absolutely save: The door lock made of high-quality stainless steel can be opened easily with a folding handle and closed securely with a padlock, for example.

Plus: On both trolleys, the door can be swivelled 270° and can be attached to the left side wall with an integrated magnet.

Since we often receive questions about the longevity of our products, we would like to add here: SKYPAK’s aircraft trolleys have been developed to meet the high demands of the aviation industry. High-quality materials and finishings ensure durability and robustness – no matter where they are used.

Now it’s up to you to decide: Black or White?


You can find both trolleys in our shop:
You can find our aircraft trolley in classic black piano lacquer here: Classic Black Trolley
You can find our airplane trolley in shining white here: Classic White Trolley