Finding the right wine temperature

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If you want to enjoy wine, you know that the right wine temperature is essential so that the good wine can fully develop its bouquet. However, there is no such thing as the ideal drinking temperature, but a number of factors play a role (e.g. the quality level and age of the wine).

A wine that is too cold tastes generally reserved. A wine that is too warm tastes alcoholic and develops disturbing tones in the nose. Each type of wine has its ideal temperature at which the bouquet and taste unfold properly.

The right wine temperature:

  • Sparkling wine, sweet white wines (e.g. Walliser Spätlese): 6 – 9 degrees Celsius
  • Dry white wines, rosés, aromatic white wines, port wine, sweet wines, Banyuls, sherry: 8 – 10 degrees
  • Light red wines (e.g. Gamay, Ostschweizer Landweine, Beste Weißweine, Beaujolais): 12 – 14 degrees Celsius.
  • Fuller red wines (e.g. Merlot Viti, Pino noir): 14 – 16 degrees
  • Body and structure-rich red wines, matured in small wooden barrels (e.g. Pino noir, Merlot Riserva, red Bordeaux): 16°C to 18°C

Note: A wine warms up by about 1°C to 2°C when poured into the glass.


To always have a wine in stock at the right temperature, it is worth investing in a wine cooler. Since most wine coolers must be installed or impair the atmosphere of the room with their optics, great wine coolers are not easy to find.

That’s why we designed the La Barrique Cooler, a wine cooler that convinces both technically and visually as design furniture. The wine cooler can easily store 17 bottles of 0.75 litres each and bring them to the correct wine temperature. Its total capacity is 54 litres. The five wooden sliding floors are easy to pull out and can also be used in different ways. The handling is therefore very simple but also practical. It is used at home, in gastronomy, in wine cellars or in hotels and convinces not only by the right temperature control but also by its appearance with barrique wood and mobility.

Do you want to finally stop making compromises and enjoy wine at the right temperature? You can find out more about our Barrique Cooler here in our shop.