Transforming a wine cooler into a pool bar

Thinking about wine, many think at first of a rustic chalet in the mountains and a glass of red wine in front of the fireplace. But why only in a cosy environment? Perfectly tempered white wine or a glass of cold, sparkling champagne are the perfect drink for mild summer nights – even better if you can enjoy them at a pool. This is exactly what our „La Barrique Cooler“ promises: It can not only be used as a wine cooler in a cosy environment, but can also be converted into a pool bar in summer temperatures. 

With the motto „mobile functional living“ we want to make a statement to start thinking about the future today. The flexible use of different rooms is therefore not limited to the interior. Indoor becomes outdoor, a wine cooler becomes a pool bar.

But what makes our wine cooler so special as a pool bar? 

Most pool bars are large, difficult to install and promise more of a “Hawaiian flair” – not very luxurious. La Barrique Cooler by contrast not only works flawlessly, but is also a unique work of art. By using wood from old wine barrels as the main design tool our Trolley promises style and luxury at the same time and adds some sparkle to your pool area.

However, a day at the pool usually ends at sunset, when the hot temperatures change into a mild summer night. Conventional pool bars also lose their use at this time of the day. By contrast La Barrique Cooler invites you to more, to another glass of wine on the terrace, to a small party or even to a house party with friends – the bar can be taken wherever the party takes place. This is what we consider functional mobile design.

Can you already see yourself sitting on the edge of your pool with a cool glass of wine or champagne? Then get your very own unique piece from our La Barrique Cooler edition and enjoy the benefits  of mobile functional living.