Having a home or workplace that offers many different storage options is more important than ever. The number of things we let into our lives is increasing, and while many years ago we were still willing to place them openly on the shelves, a new minimalism has now moved in: We aim for simple, clean and tidy instead of cluttered. Not only because Marie Kondo regularly flickers across our screens, but above all because a clean living and working environment provides for clear thoughts and peace in the thought carousel.

We at Skypak have therefore thought about different storage systems and ways of implementing them into our trolleys. The result: there are endless options for storage; from shelves to drawers to storage compartments – we can implement all of them. And the best thing is, you can build the storage system into your trolley that is right for your living or working situation. Because our trolleys can be configured to meet your requirements.

Anyone who uses the trolley as a coffee bar, for example, is probably interested in storing their cups and coffee accessories in the trolley. If, on the other hand, you use the trolley as a mobile piece of living room furniture, you might want to store books, a magazine and a bottle of whiskey in it. There are a thousand different options for using the trolley as a storage space – let’s find out together what your ideal storage option is.

For more information about functional storage options here at Skypak, head over to our shop.