Why Skypak sees itself as a design manufacture

At Skypak, we have a passion for design that inspires the senses – and that is our true motive.

We have a passion for design – and that is not only the reason why we founded Skypak, but also the motive behind everything we do. And this is reflected in all our designs.

Each of our designer pieces is based on the airplane trolley: functional and minimalist, but with a touch of sophistication even in its most original form. Taking these well known objects as our design base, our pieces immediately have you think about the quiet rumble of turbines and that exciting feeling you get when you are just about to take off.

With this object as a design body, we initially thought that the possibilities in terms of design and refinement would be finite. As we went deeper into the design process, however, we quickly realized that with our first designs we were just scratching the surface of the design possibilities that this object offers us. And since then we’re on a journey to explore design possibilities of functional mobile living design.

We do this in cooperation with our own designers, as well as with world-renowned designers who lend us their talent and vision to create works of art from ordinary aircraft trolleys. Always with the highest demands on our product, this journey has already led us to various finishing processes, e.g. with gold, Svarovski crystals or the wood of barrique barrels as well as to various design topics, e.g. letterings, drawings, city references – all attributed to the designer who created these works in our design manufacture. Each so unique that we can hardly imagine how many of these designs and special finishing processes are still possible with such a versatile product as the airplane trolley as the basis.

Skypak – a design manufacture

And this is precisely why Skypak sees itself less as a furniture manufacturer and more as a design manufacture – our task is not to sell designer furniture, but to create endless designs on an existing basis, which can influence the fluidity, efficiency, and organization of our customers’ living and working spaces. Baz Pringels, who was one of the first designers we collaborated with, put it this way in one of our interviews:

The whole idea is to take everyday objects that we don’t associate with personal designer items and turn them into works of art.

Baz Pringels

And those works of art have the ability to literally move, creating new possibilities for design and the transformation of our everyday spaces.