Customize your own designer furniture

Whether for home or office – everyone would like to have an individual interior. Not off the peg, but adapted to your own life needs and design ideas. To make this possible in the world of designer furniture, we at Skypak have come up with a „Design your own designer furniture“ process. So companies or private individuals can send us their company logo or desired designs as a file at any time and we can use it to produce their very own personal designer furniture – one that doesn’t exist a second time in this world.

In this way, many of our designer trolleys have already been created and also in the corporate area, whole rooms have been designed with an artistically implemented corporate identity through specially designed furniture. With this process we hand over the sceptre of design and are happy when your own visions and ideas are realized with our trolleys.

Do you also have an idea for your own designer furniture? Then send us an email at with your design and your ideas and we will discuss possible design options with you.

Is your design graphic, minimalistic or rather striking? No matter how you want to realize it, our designer team is at your side, advising you and designing your own personal trolley. Our designers will be happy to visualize your vision with you.

What is your Vision?