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Transforming a wine cooler into a pool bar Thinking about wine, many think at first of a rustic chalet in the mountains and a glass of red wine in front of the fireplace. But why only in a cosy environment? Perfectly tempered white wine or a glass of cold, sparkling champagne are the perfect drink for […]


Having a home or workplace that offers many different storage options is more important than ever. The number of things we let into our lives is increasing, and while many years ago we were still willing to place them openly on the shelves, a new minimalism has now moved in: We aim for simple, clean […]


Conference Room Design Modern offices should always include individually furnished conference rooms, which are not only the visual business card of the company, but are also tailored to needs of the company. Especially when business partners or customers come to your conference room (so it’s use is not only for internal meetings), the representative effect […]