About Skypak

If anything truly defines Skypak, it is that we have a passion for design that inspires the senses.

SKYPAK-Founder Peter Jorge Fischer

We started with original airplane trolleys. Slender, sophisticated and stylish – they immediately have you thinking of the quiet rumble of turbines and that exciting feeling you get when you are just about to take off.

We have taken this idea, and literally rolled with it! Our designs quite literally move, creating new possibilities for design and the transformation of our everyday spaces. Our philosophy is through the creation of attractive and functional mobile living design, we can influence the fluidity, efficiency, and organization of our customers’ living and working spaces.

Design with History

Peter Jorge Fischer began his company in 2010 with the idea to sell used airplane trolleys for use as home and home-office storage, and soon realized that the possibilities for the trolleys are endless. Now Skypak offers a wider range of industrial design, all of which is inspired by the mobility and diversity of the original airline trolleys that was, and still remains, the foundation of Skypak. From upcycled wood from wine and whiskey barrels to the original airplane trolleys themselves, our designs seek to tell a story.