Becoming a Barrique Wood Trolley

At the beginning there is the Barrique – an old oak barrel, in which noble wine had the time over many years to reach drinking maturity. And what was just the perfect casing for the exquisite drop is also perfectly suited for this task in the future. As a stylish sheath for modern wine trolleys and coolers. They are robust and particularly flexible thanks to their castors. Individual pieces full of character that enrich our lives worth seeing.


Passion and precision for our Barrique Wood Trolley

Once a wine barrel has fulfilled its first task, it gets a second life in the Skypak Design Manufacture. Here the staves of the barrique are lovingly handcrafted and processed to the highest perfection on an original aircraft trolley.

The wood still exudes its discreet red wine scent and inspires the senses. And those who take a closer look will find out more about the origin of the woods used. The names of renowned wineries point the way back to the past.

Skypak manufactures exclusively in Germany. This, coupled with modern design and innovative technology, stands for unique wine trolleys and coolers that meet even the highest demands of ambitious wine connoisseurs.

The Barrique Wood Trolley – The most beautiful way to a good glass of wine

La Barrique wine trolleys and coolers from Skypak are as individual as the taste of their owners. Each trolley is unique due to its unique oak wood coating and is a stylish unicum and an optical highlight in any ambience. The trolleys can be used in many different ways. Whether as a rolling bar, wine cabinet or presentation furniture. For the living area, the kitchen, the terrace or as a chic solitaire in the lounge. These trolleys are a must for wine lovers who appreciate something special.

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